The Ultimate Road Trip: THE SILVER SNAIL : A solo woman's full-time RV adventure
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St. Augustine, FL

I took the scenic, semi-coastal route out of Savannah (Route 17 south) then hopped onto A1A in Florida, which included a short and fun ferry ride, so I didn't have to drive around Jacksonville and could stay on the coast. A1A was a typical summer-residential coastal drive and when I arrived in St. Augustine, it was clear that this was a family tourist destination. Instead of the usual trolley tours, there were TRAINS on the road creeping along with loads of tourists. I opted not to pay the entrance fee to Ponce De Leon's legendary Fountain of Youth or the Ripley's Believe it or Not! museum, but enjoyed the Spanish feel and history of the small, leisurely town. Anastasia State Park was a 10 minute drive over the Bridge of Lions, with beautiful, spacious campsites, lots of shore-bird activity, and a great long beach. Sadly, the state park enforced the no-dogs-on-beach rule, but a quick drive to the public St. Augustine beach, allowed Riley to run and swim his heart out.

While I was here, the lunar eclipse occurred and I watched it from the parking lot. I was glad to have some smooth paved roads and went rollerblading around the park in the afternoons. I wandered around town, visited the old Spanish fort Castillo de San Marcos, got an oil change and then it was time to go. The Florida parks are almost all booked up for the winter season, and I was lucky to have gotten the 5 nights that I had. I wouldn't mind coming back and staying longer.


Join me at my NEW SITE — Joyrides of America — where you can SUBSCRIBE


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