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Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach Sunrise

My plan was to spend a month in Charleston, but when I learned that the Harley Davidson dealership in Myrtle Beach had one more space in their Learn-to-Ride class, I didn't give it a second thought. Not only would I finally learn to ride a motorcycle, but I'd do it in Myrtle Beach! I wasn't really sure that Myrtle Beach was anything to be excited about, but it was oceanside and a new place to see, so off I went.

The class was five awesome days of learning everything I wanted to know about motorcycle-riding from people who have been riding their entire life. There were five other people in the class and each of us was provided a Buell bike to practice with on their outside range. Once I learned the basic controls, I hated to get off my bike. I just wanted to keep riding. At the end of the five days, there was, of course, a grueling test and we all got an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) Basic Riding completion card. With this card, I can walk into any Florida DMV (I'm a Florida resident), give them $35 and voila! I will have a motorcycle license FOR LIFE. And that means I can legally rent, borrow or steal, ya know what I mean. Yahoo!!!

When I wasn't attending motorcycle school, I was soaking in the warm sunny sunshine of beautiful Myrtle Beach State Park. To understand my appreciation for the beauty of this place, you'll need a basic understanding of the rest of Myrtle Beach: Kings Highway. Blech. That's all you need to know. Well, no - that's not fair - there IS a very nice boardwalk downtown, and that's a fine place to pass some time.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Myrtle Beach ocean sunsfish
Washed-up Sunfish in the early morning

Myrtle Beach State Park

So, with Motorcycle Class in the bag, I headed towards Charleston. ... and wouldn't ya know...that was the day everything finally came together with Airstream and I was given a delivery date of December 10, 2011. That was only three weeks away!!! So I made a hard right turn and aimed for the Top of Georgia Airstream park to hang with friends and be closer to Jackson Center.

See the UPDATES and CONCLUSION on the Jackson Center page to read about how things went when I picked up the new trailer.

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As you go the way of life, you will see a great chasm.
It is not as wide as you think.

-Native American

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