The Ultimate Road Trip: THE SILVER SNAIL : A solo woman's full-time RV adventure
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Melbourne Beach, Florida

Long Point Park
When a bobcat appeared on the roadside near the entrance, I knew Long Point Park was a good choice. This park is located in the middle of a stretch of barrier islands on the Atlantic coast, but there's not the over-development here that you see on the Gulf side near Sarasota and St Pete's. There are large tracts of wilderness preservation here and far fewer multi-lane highways, high-rise condos, and big box stores. It's just a mile north of the popular Sebastian Inlet State Park, an angler's, birder's and surfer's delight. Though a little pricey, with no extended-stay discounts, the waterfront sites here are worth it. Right from my doorstep, I had the luxury of putting my kayak in the water at anytime. And it's a beautiful place to kayak with dolphins, manatees, stingrays, man-o-war and anything else that blows in from the Atlantic. It's a great place to bike with Harley, too. But if you're unlucky enough to get whackadoo neighbors that descends upon your tranquility with three wild, screaming young children and three beer-guzzling "adults", you're out of luck because there's no privacy or buffer between the grassy sites. So your only real recourse is to play some soothing favorite music and enjoy this: Redneck Revenge.

Long Point Parkk Florida

Long Point Park Florida

Long Point Park FLorida
Ice Cream BOAT

Long Point Park Man o' war
Portuguese Man O' War

Melbourne Beach, Florida

Family Reunion
My brother Mike lives in this area, so my other brother Steve flew out from Seattle, and my dad also came down from Cleveland. It turned out to be a family vacay except that I was not on vacation. So while they sought out ways to enjoy their leisurely sunny days, I toiled at my computer and met up with them for dinner when the sun went down.

Mike's got three girl dogs. Two of them are very elderly. All of them are very sweet. I thought Harley was 50% husky, 25% lab and 25% golden retriever, but after witnessing his behavior around my brother's three girl dogs, I see now that he's also 100% perv.

Join me at my NEW SITE — Joyrides of America — where you can SUBSCRIBE

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